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508, WCAG, ARIA, etc., these are great requirements and specifications, but integrating them can be difficult. Many teams take a checklist approach and try to fix issues in testing after the fact, but the real intent of all these standards is to make sites and software truly accessible from start to finish. But how do you determine if a site is truly accessible? Like 'Guerilla' Usability Testing, Guerilla Accessibility Testing can be deployed throughout the development process to help create holistic, accessible solutions that really help people. This session is focused on sharing the successes and lessons learned from a working team to help others build more accessible sites and software.

Session Takeaways

1. Learn methods to layer accessibility into your existing test cases for vision impairment, physical impairment, and audio impairment
2. Get practical examples of how to track coverage of and report on accessibility testing from working teams
3. Understand how to evaluate a good open source CMS and how to fast-track your next accessible Web app or site with one


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Phase2-Shawn Shawn Mole Solutions Analyst Phase2 Technology

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